I am a girl who just loves to write.  Sacredness is there in the spaces between the letters; truth in the holy.  The quest for the sacred lies in my essays/blogs, my attempt at short stories, and mostly my poetry.

I thought for a while that each genre needed its own blog, but it really all goes together; sometimes the thought comes out easier in a Haiku, or another day a formal essay. But it all boils down to the journey through the maze of life, and my desire to find love in all of it.

The variety of genres reflects the way my mind works, disjointed at times, hard to keep up with (I can’t keep up with me),  and looking to cover too many ideas all at once.  So my crazy categories  only help me divide and conquer the chaos that comes flying out of me at light speed, mostly while showering, driving .

So if I have baffled or frustrated, I apologize.  I think if you read a bit further into my work, the pandemonium will slowly metamorphose into a dissonant harmony.  And that is me.


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