"Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again."

Alright…..one chocolate cookie led to an embarrassing myriad of glutenous eating over this weekend.  I basically said to heck with it, and decided that I know what I need to be doing, and the only way I could indulge one more time was if I made the commitment for good now.  “FOR GOOD.”  There is a song from the musical Wicked that has  that title, “For Good,” (which made me cry when I saw it recently because it made me think of my high school kids that I miss toooooo much still, but they do text me occasionally) and one of the lyrics goes: “I have been changed for good.” So I really just think that I need to just do it.

I have the ability to control this one, potentially enourmous, aspect of my health.  Why would I not take full advantage of being in control, as opposed to shoving all these pills down my throat that I truly feel control me.


Ok, so I could look at this as a sort of silly ode to the knowled


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