Questioning it all over a cookie.

So I know that I will not be completely gluten free until I change two of my meds, which is going to take me about 2 months.  I wish this were not the way it was, but money and the fact that I need to keep on both of them completely steady without a break, so really no way of just going off them.  I have one doctor’s appt. scheduled and I need to make the other one soon so I am on top of this.

Yesterday I decided to have a cookie from the cupboard….chips ahoy….of course it had gluten.  And I wondered, “Is this going to make me feel funny or bad?”  It did not, but I have to remember that I will not begin to feel good till it is all out, which includes the gluten in the pills. 

If 1/8th of a teaspoon of gluten can cause a reaction then that much is easily in one or two of these pills, which I take a total of 7 of each day.  This is kind of discouraging.  I want to be where I am feeling better as a result of my hard work eating and cooking gluten free, not just doing it for no reason till my body actually can be free of it.   But I don’t really want to go back to how I was.  I had such a hard time with this the first time, and now I feel truly determined, but I feel its a bit useless. 

So feeling a bit set back today, and knowing a bit better how much will power this will truly take from me to be a reality in my life.   Will I even feel better once it is all out of me? I guess there are no guarantees with anything, but I at least can try this myself, and control it.  So here is to a gluten free tomorrow….I hope.


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