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Questioning it all over a cookie.

So I know that I will not be completely gluten free until I change two of my meds, which is going to take me about 2 months.  I wish this were not the way it was, but money and the fact that I need to keep on both of them completely steady without a break, so really no way of just going off them.  I have one doctor’s appt. scheduled and I need to make the other one soon so I am on top of this.

Yesterday I decided to have a cookie from the cupboard….chips ahoy….of course it had gluten.  And I wondered, “Is this going to make me feel funny or bad?”  It did not, but I have to remember that I will not begin to feel good till it is all out, which includes the gluten in the pills. 

If 1/8th of a teaspoon of gluten can cause a reaction then that much is easily in one or two of these pills, which I take a total of 7 of each day.  This is kind of discouraging.  I want to be where I am feeling better as a result of my hard work eating and cooking gluten free, not just doing it for no reason till my body actually can be free of it.   But I don’t really want to go back to how I was.  I had such a hard time with this the first time, and now I feel truly determined, but I feel its a bit useless. 

So feeling a bit set back today, and knowing a bit better how much will power this will truly take from me to be a reality in my life.   Will I even feel better once it is all out of me? I guess there are no guarantees with anything, but I at least can try this myself, and control it.  So here is to a gluten free tomorrow….I hope.


I like it HOT

Ok, so yesterday I purchased a bag of the Bob’s Red Mill GF hot cereal.  I think it is a blend of rice, corn, sorgum and something else…..well I have not been feeling great all day, and I found myself in a lot of pain tonight.  And once I kind of came out of the worst of it, and was not so sick to my stomach anymore, the only good thing I could think of was hot cereal.

So it is 1/4C cereal to 3/4 C water.  And I microwaved it for 4 minutes total, and added a little extra liquid after 3 minutes (high altitude after all) and some cinnamon, milk and my organic cane juice sugar….wow is this good.  So much more interesting than cream of wheat, but nice and mild for my night time stomach.  This is bound to become a staple here in my house.  I will eat it for breakfast (I NEED to start eating breakfast, and this was super easy) and dinners when I am woozy and needing something mild.  I am tired of cold cereal for sure….I have had a few months of cold cereal for dinner.   Looking for something HOT, and I’ve found it!   Yippee… thing for my list of GF foods I LOVE!


Most Of The Way There

I begin writing about a GF life….and I would like to distinguish myself among the many GF blogs, but I fear I am just another girlie figuring this out, and I will not claim to be an expert, or a distinct voice or anything. I am just hear to talk about this journey I am embarking on in the hopes of helping my poor body become healthier.

Think of this as just another chronicle of an endeavor to try to do better at life, than I have been doing. So regardless of what the journey entails, eating, not eating, thinking, not thinking, it is still a journey….and I like that.

So tomorrow is one week that I have been eating completely gluten free (to my knowledge, I am learning more and more about hidden places for gluten) and I am feeling great about it so far. I know I will not be able to go completely gluten free till I change a couple of my meds, which will take me about 2 1/2 months, unfortunately. I thought I might wait, and continue not worrying about making sure I eat GF, but at this point, I see keeping up with eating well is only conditioning me for what I hope to do for always. Why go back now? I think my digestive system is already responding….less pain and nausea really… so I should just soldier on, and when my meds change, I am all the way there. For now…..most of the way there!

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