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numero uno

well….i begin. yet this is so far into everything that it is really like starting a novel in the middle and then telling the story while going into the past from time to time. i can start on a better feeling day. Today I went from about an 8 at my max pain, but mostly 6ish. New med….opana…and still figuring out doses. My head is ok now, but the hands and arms are about to be in full flare. This is the new mystery to figure out. I am hoping to get bloodtest results tomorrow, and talk to the doc about meds. But this is where the challenge comes. Will the results be in, or will anyone even call me back? I have not had good luck lately. spring break from school, but still working nights. but my mornings are for relaxing and writing…music, poetry, and drawing. I need to be stingy with that time…if even for a week. I go to bed….seinfeld is on at 10 instead of that horrid tmz….might we see simpsons at 10:30? a girl can only hope…here is wishing for calm hand pain, and sweet dreams tonight!